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With the increasing cost of conventional offset printing and the rising popularity of digital book readers an exciting new marketplace for authors and publishers is quickly becoming the format of choice for readers of all ages and backgrounds. The latest generation eBook readers allow the reader to download and read complete, fully illustrated novels, research books, electronic newspapers and magazines. Produced for a fraction of the cost of conventional books, eBooks offer a completely new market for publishers and authors and increase sales dramatically.

What is an eBook?

eBooks are designed for use on the various eBook readers, SmartPhone apps and Computer programs designed to take full advantage of this new and exciting format. With one of these digital devices a reader can browse through thousands of titles available through internet based book sellers, download and read any selections all without having to drive to the bookstore. Most eReaders allow the storage of more than 1000 titles so you can carry your entire library with you and read your latest selections anywhere.

The latest generation eReaders take advantage of the "reflowable" properties of a true eBook file, allowing the viewer to change type sizes and styles, and automatically format the page to fit the screen of your chosen reader.
New developments in "eInk" technology present the reader with remarkably crisp text and sharp black and white photos, resulting in a very attractive and easy to read format.

What are the eBook file formats?

There are currently two popular eBook file formats and both are extremely similar in appearance. The ePub format is the official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) for eBooks and is supported by the majority of eReaders currently available, as well as SmartPhone apps and computer eBook readers.

Click HERE for a partial list of ePub compatible devices

The second popular eBook file format is the proprietary .mobi file used by the Kindle Reader, developed and sold by Amazon.com. The Kindle file format has all the attributes of the ePub format files and can be read on any Kindle Reader, SmartPhone app or Computer program dedicated to that format.

All Bay Media Production eBooks are released in both the ePub and .mobi file formats for distibution to the major book sellers or for sale directly from your own website.

How about Full-Color eBooks?

For full-color, image intensive publications the best format for digital delivery is the Adobe proprietart .pdf file format. The latest generation pdf formats include complete navigation, full-color images with zoom capability, movie clips, audio clips and Shockwave animations. The pdf file format is compatible with most eReaders and takes full advantage of the latest generation Color eReaders and tablets. Bay Media Production offers complete pdf production services including Shockwave animation production using the latest generation of development platforms from Adobe Systems Incorprated.

What does it cost to convert my existing book to eBook?

Bay Media Production produces eBooks on a "per-assignment" bid, we review the book or manuscript and provide a price for production. Factors that influence cost are:

  1. Total number of printed pages
  2. Number of photographs
  3. Number of data tables
  4. Type of originals provided, digital or flat copy

The following table can be used to estimate the cost of production based on supply us with all the book elements in digital format. Text can be provided in any word processing document format, Adobe Pagemaker document format or Adobe pdf format. Images should be provided in .gif, .jpg, .png, .eps or .tiff formats.

Text Conversion (from text file) pages before conversion  
  1-125 pages
126-200 pages
201-300 pages
301-400 pages
additional pages
(per 50 pages)
price includes full-color front and back covers
Graphics/Photos (from digital original) all image manipulation and
hand coding
$2.50 each
Data Tables (from text file) up to 50 rows
$15.00 each
50 to 100 rows
$25.00 each
more than 100 rows
$35.00 each
Prices include file conversion and export to both ePub and .mobi file formats
For conversion from existing Pagemaker, Quark, Illustrator or pdf formats add 10%

For conversion of an existing printed book without digital elements Bay Media Production offers a complete range of Scanning and Text Recognition services. Since the time involved in converting from flat copy documents is determined by the quality and condition of the original document all assignments for conversion to eBook from flat copy no bids can be provided until a review of the original material is completed.

Prices stated are for estimation purposes only
All assignments accepted on a "Per-Assignment" bid basis

How do I get started?

Click HERE to email Bay Media Production and we will talk you through the process.

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