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In today's competitive marketplace the importance of the right productivity software for your company has become a major concern for all small to medium sized business owners. For those companies who are too large to use the numerous "off-the-shelf" solutions, but still too small to warrant the expense of a high-priced custom software suite Bay Media Production offers a full line of custom software designed for your company and at a price that can't be beat.


Our client, Thomas Publications, was faced with the problem of having to use two different programs for inventory control and website management. Double data entry led to numerous mistakes and cost twice the amount of time budgeted to the task. The solution: a custom package designed by
Bay Media Production that handles both tasks in a fraction of the time used by the previous system.
Main Interface
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The main function of the program is for inventory control and the database was designed specifically to record the information needed to track items and sales. Books can be classified by several different categories and notated as "Sale Items", "Used and Out of Print Books" and "New Releases".
Add a Book
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Existing books can easily be edited and all changes are done in realtime. All interfaces are designed with the client's needs in mind and all
Bay Media Production programming is as simple to use as a standard internet form.
Edit a Book
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Since Thomas Publications sells other items on their website, the program is designed to allow the addition of Non-Book items for display on their website. Items are classified by category and one photo can be added for each item on the display pages.
Add a Non-Book Item
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All information and photos intended for display on the website can be uploaded to the site with a single click. No need for complicated FTP programs or montly maintenance and editing fees for the website. The client has complete control over what is displayed, all with no programming skills or in-house website specialists.
Upload to Website
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A full range of reports can be generated and printed for use by the Thomas Publications staff, including A full Book List, New Books, Used and Out of Print Books, Sale Books and Non-Book Items.

Click HERE to view a sample report.
Report Center
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